Employers are prohibited from retaliating against you for reporting what you believe was unlawful discrimination, harassment, wage and hour violations, or other retaliation. For example, if you report a supervisor sexually harassing another employee and are terminated shortly thereafter for no apparent reason, you may have a claim of retaliation.

You may also have a claim for wrongful termination if you are fired for refusing to commit an illegal act; if you are terminated for performing a public duty or obligation, such as jury duty; if you are terminated for exercising a legal right or privilege, such as filing a workers’ compensation claim; or if you are terminated for reporting an employer’s illegal conduct. The State of Washington also prohibits retaliation against government employees who blow the whistle on the waste of public funds, gross mismanagement, unsafe practices and other violations of law. If your employer is receiving federal government funding through fraudulent practices and you blow the whistle on these practices, you may be entitled to receive a percentage of the recovered money.

Our firm has years of experience representing whistleblowers and those who have been illegally retaliated against by their employer. If you believe you have a whistleblowing or retaliation claim, we may be able to help.

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