When those with authority abuse their power for sexual gain, the victims have a right to expect justice and monetary compensation from the institutions that vested the perpetrator with authority. Our firm has long history of representing victims of sexual harassment and sexual assault, including the most vulnerable among us who have endured sexual abuse and exploitation at the hands of those they trusted most.

Whether it is at the hands of an employer, an institution of higher learning, a private youth organization, or a religious institution, our firm is committed to holding wrongdoers accountable. In the workplace, sexual harassment may include inappropriate touching or comments. It may involve subtle suggestions that advancement in the company may follow if sexual favors are given. In the school setting, sexual abuse and exploitation may be at the hands of teachers or other students. Colleges and universities may be liable if they are deliberately indifferent to campus rape and sexual assault. In churches or youth groups, sexual abuse and exploitation may be perpetrated by clergy or other leaders in whom parents and children have placed their trust. The emotional damage wrought by such perpetrators can be lifelong.

If you have been the victim of sexual assault, exploitation, or harassment, our firm may be able to help you obtain the compensation that will begin the healing process.

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